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Replacement Chess Pieces

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We know the pride with which our customers view their theme chess sets purchased from CheckmateChessSets.co.uk and the concern caused when a piece is either lost or damaged for whatever reason.

We also know that in busy households accidents can and do happen. So, if the dog decides one day to bury your knight instead of a bone we will do our best to help sort things out for you! That's why we introduced our chess piece replacement facility. Yes, we are able to supply replacement pieces provided of course your theme chess set is still current and replacement pieces are actually available.

Please note that, subject to availability, we are only able to supply replacement theme chess pieces from the Mascott range of theme chess sets as featured on our website.

As availability and the cost of replacement chess pieces varies between sets, should you require this facility please Contact Us to discuss the situation in detail.

Please note that we are unable to offer free UK shipping in respect of our replacement chess piece service.


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About your CheckmateChessSets products...

Our commitment to you and your complete satisfaction here at your CheckmateChessSets means that we are only prepared to present to you theme chess pieces and chess boards of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Derived from original sculptures, all the themed chess pieces featured within our catalogue here at CheckmateChessSets are authentic high quality items.

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